Hey there! I am Ayesha. Thank you for dropping by. I am a habitual procrastinator; so after dawdling for months(perhaps years) finally i am here to combine my infatuation for food and writing. First things first, i am hopelessly fond of this steamy beverage ‘chai’ (tea), for me ‘chai’ fixes everything. I have a secret stash of dark chocolates in my bedside drawer which i devour shamelessly in the middle of the night. I binge watch Netflix shows and fantasize about climbing mountains. My family tops the list of my priorities and i feel i am beyond blessed. So, if you think you are somewhat my doppelganger; then lets get together and  day dream about our favorite things.

I am a Tech Professional by chance and a culinary enthusiast  by heart. Paving a way through my busy and plugged-in life, I spend every leisure minute happily curating the recipes to introduce the people around me with delicious things. Everything you see here, I create from my home in Pakistan where I live blissfully with my family.

Enough about me, I’d love to hear from you about everything to anything so don’t hesitate to click  “Connect” to share your thoughts, feedback, suggestions, recipes or just to say a random Hi.


When we talk about cooking, it’s not only about recipes and ingredients, i believe it is an art form through which we communicate sentiments and express our creativity. In this part of the world, where i reside all the women are expected to cook without the realization that how big the skill cooking is.

This blog is an endeavor to build a community for all the silent home-cooks including my mum who are serving their families with scrumptious mouthwatering treats since forever. The ulterior motive is to empower such women by channeling their recipes and stories on this blog and share their culinary heirlooms with the rest of the world.

I’ll be posting recipes (tried & tested)  and stories of the women who are passionate about cooking along with my own  cooking endeavors. I am totally in love with Thai and Mexican cuisines. So besides Pakistani food, my versions of Thai and Mexican food are coming your way.

So Fasten your taste-buds and let’s get going!